Our Great Story

Godrej Properties is the union that brings together the main real estate companies, investment funds and banks dedicated to promoting formal homes, urban lots and offices. Godrej Properties arises as a response to the need to have a union that promotes formal and sustainable construction, proposing continuous improvements in the different areas of real estate work in order to ensure that Peruvian families access formal, safe and quality housing. Currently, the members of Godrej Properties as a whole represent 40% of the country's supply of housing, 100% of the supply of urban lots, and 75% of the supply of offices and 61% in mortgage loans.

What we do

Bank management

We have several financial institutions that collaborate with us for a more effective management & processing in the banking operations that our clients require. Godrej Properties advice & technical support in the preparation of documentation under the recommendation of the different collaborating financial institutions.

Customer guarantee

We have detailed information on the leading companies in home insurance, rent, etc., to offer all the necessary information to our clients on the most satisfactory coverage, taking into account the experience of other users and our own.

Our Mission & Vision

To be a business association that contributes to the growth policies of the real estate sector, motivating our associates to compete and innovate for the benefit of the client.

Vision is to be the benchmark for real estate development.

Why Choose Us?

Godrej Properties, Real estate development is one of the essential sectors for economies around the world. Its use of intensive labor and the spill effect it generates on other activities put construction on the podium of those that contribute most to the development of a country.

In fact, the governments that want to boost somewhat anorexic economies are the first thing they launch as a revival engine, are public works and housing construction plans. Our positive contribution is one hundred percent verified.

Now, when construction is added to strategy, infrastructure and services, the potential and the spill over the economy as a whole is enormous. That is what happens with the private development of residential neighborhoods throughout the country.

We enhances the area in which we operates.

Godrej Group offers its own services in the management of real estate, significantly serving the emerging market and the social need in-home rental, also presenting all the diversity that the real estate market offers us.

All the commercial priority actions will be given by the situation that the current demand, until achieving the full integration and consolidation of our company.

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  • Bank management
  • Customer guarantee
  • Special services and collaborators
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