Godrej Properties NRI Services

The Indian real estate market has seen a solid recovery in recent years. This encourages local people to invest as soon as possible, but concerns about efficient management still make NRI difficult. Most Indian citizens abroad find that nothing is enough or it is very difficult to identify an agency that handles the purchase/sales/rental/lease process in India without trading under the table.

Godrej Properties has increased its presence in the real estate market by keeping realtors and buyers the same name. Godrej decrypts and offers the best offers on the market, regardless of whether the project is a residential apartment, commercial property, parcel, farm, or villa.

Leasing of commercial & residential space

The hassle-free leasing of commercial and residential real estate for NRI is one of the many strengths of the Godrej real estate team.

Financial advice & facilitation

Finance is a tricky aspect of buying and selling real estate. The Godrej Group understands such complexities and therefore advises clients on loans and facilitates their use.

Property management

Godrej Group proposes to manage all real estate needs at a very competitive price exclusively for remote customers. NRI can supervise the purchase, sale, lease, and maintenance of your property from the comfort of your home, with a 100% guarantee of its full transparency.

NRI special service

Godrej Properties’ range of selective services for NRI includes:

• Promote real estate investment, purchase, leasing and sales opportunities anywhere in India

• Facilitate the transfer of funds in accordance with legal and tax procedures.

Who is NRI?

Anyone who stays abroad for work or business outside of India, for holidays, or for other purposes in situations that indicate an indefinite stay.

People served by the Government of India and holding government posts at similar institutions established abroad by the Government of India.

A foreign government or government server (ESCAP) assigned abroad for missions with regional/international organizations such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Health Organization (WHO), and the Asia-Pacific Economic and Social Commission.

Employees of state government and public sector companies who are representatives abroad or have been dispatched to a branch or office on a temporary basis.

NRI’s mortgage availability criteria in India

According to NRI Reserve Bank guidelines loans do not exceed 85% of the cost of housing. Your own donation, less the loan amount from the cost of the loaned housing unit, can be financed by direct remittances from abroad via regular bank channels, non-resident (external) accounts. The repayment of the loan, including principal and interest, includes all costs and must be remitted from abroad only via normal bank channels, non-resident accounts (external) [NR (E)]. Resident (regular) account [NR (O)] and / or special non-resident Rupee account in India [NRSR].

Godrej Properties NRI Services give a power of attorney to complete a loan process on behalf of an Indian person? NRI also understands that there are different needs for investment and property management requirements and that a special set of services is required to meet those requirements. The good news from India is that the government has allowed NRI to repatriate 60%. The Reserve Bank grants general permits to certain financial institutions that provide loans to housing.